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Why to choose
PoolLock safety cover?

Provides safety

PoolLock covers provide safety and protection for your family, friends and pets and help prevent pool related accidents.

Keeps your pool clean

PoolLock covers keep dirt, leaves and debris away from your pool. Simply close the cover whenever you do not use the pool, to keep it crystal clear. The cover reduces pool cleaning and maintenance.

Saves chemicals

The pool is ready to swim in at any time. You save money on chemicals because its usage is reduced due to the lowered evaporation. The pool chemicals generally last twice as long.

Reduces your heating costs

PoolLock covers also reduce your heating costs because the biggest heat lost comes from water evaporation and this you will eliminate by covering your pool. The heating costs savings can be up to 70% compare to the heating costs of not covered pool.

Offers many covering options

PoolLock covers give you option to choose either the most comfortable and luxurious automatic type or manual version of mechanism. Mechanism itself can be hidden below the ground or can be positioned above the ground. You can also choose from various covering options for the pit area in case of below ground mechanisms or benches for top mounted mechanisms. There are also available many options of tracks, which the cover runs in. The choices are totally up to you depending on your demands and needs.

You will enjoy your pool without worries

You have designed and built the pool of your dreams to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. Your pool is source of pleasure and fun for you, your family and friends. Do not waste your time cleaning it. With PoolLock covers you can enjoy your pool without worries.

See price calculation for secured covering your pool.